We are Glitter Me! Home to biodegradable glitter to buy and apply. We have all our own blends for you to choose from with our range growing all the time, there’s something for everyone and all our glitter can be applied to any part of the body it’s amazing! We have services for you to hire us for events in your life or if you don’t need us to you can buy and apply yourself with help from our Youtube tutorials. We are really passionate about glitter and the environment so we have searched and found the best biodegradable glitter distributors in the UK to buy our glitter from and then we custom blend all our glitter for you!

We’ve been up and running since March 2017 and so far have had great success at different Easter, Summer and Christmas events and inbetween all that our parties and hen do’s. As part of our small team we have a photographer and videographer also available for any events and parties we are booked on for a small extra fee. He has worked over in America and the UK for the last 2 years on different music videos and events and that’s why we just had to have him as part of the team! I know how important it is to capture these moments in our life sometimes and on the day things just get in the way it’s easier to let someone else do it and take that stress away and then you can all enjoy and sit and relive the moments together through photos or video.