Glass Slipper Glitter Pot 6g


Our custom blend of fine and chunky silver glitter to make sure you’ve got you’re always ready for the ball.

Can be used on eyes, face, hair and body. All our glitter is biodegradable and eco-friendly!

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We recommend using Aloe Gel to apply glitter to the face and spraying with makeup setting spray to hold.

For hair and beards we recommend using hair gel to apply and then hairspray to hold.

For glitter eyeshadow use a make-up primer and add your colour before patting on the glitter, our fine blends work best and then finish with a makeup setting spray.

For glitter lips use gloss or a tinted lip balm and then using a small lip brush pat the glitter onto your lips.

For nails use a base colour thats similar to the glitter colour, brush on glitter to the tacky base colour and then coat with a clear firm hold polish or a gel top coat with LED lamp.

For a long lasting hold you can also use hairspray to hold your hair and face glitter.

Here’s a tutorial on how apply our chunky blends on your face.

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