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How to Develop a GPS Navigation App Like Waze in 2022

The cost of app development depends upon its complexity and the amount of time and resources required to build the app. First, you’ll need to decide whether you want to outsource the project or build the how to build a gps app app with your in-house team. Some location services can be built into the location platform you’ve chosen; some come as an independent service or SDK, while others are provided by location databases.

how to build a gps app

An augmented reality GPS app is a mobile application that combines GPS technology with augmented reality overlays to provide users with real-time location-based information and visual cues. A lot also depends on the technology your mobile app development company uses and whether the application is native or cross-platform. As we can see, location-based app development demands clear goals, detailed planning, and a well-considered strategy, so you need to run thoughtful preparation steps. Even though it requires some time and effort, all the development hassle will pay off if you turn to an experienced geolocation app development company. In this case, you’ll have considerable opportunities to launch and monetize your product quickly.


The platform you choose to develop your GPS app can also impact the cost. Developing an app for multiple platforms such as iOS and Android will require different coding languages and development tools, which can lead to different costs. If you want to ensure that your app is available on multiple platforms, you will need to budget accordingly. These technologies developed by Apple and Google use Bluetooth Low Energy signals to provide highly accurate indoor navigation.

Today, we are going to show you how to create a location-based app. Hire developers from reputed software development companies. They provide full-time developers with skills and experience. The platform enables the integration of GPS data with augmented reality overlays, allowing for location-based AR experiences. Collaborate with businesses to feature sponsored points of interest or promotions within the app. For example, restaurants or retail stores can pay for their locations to be highlighted as recommended options, offering discounts or exclusive deals to app users.

What Technologies Can Be Used to Build GPS Apps?

Is primarily employed for developing low-level components and optimizing performance-critical parts of the app. This programming language is frequently used in combination with web-based mapping libraries and frameworks, such as Leaflet or Google Maps JavaScript API. If you’re looking for how to create a GPS app, you should analyze a couple of crucial technical requirements, without which you won’t succeed.

how to build a gps app

The goal is to help users easily find their destinations, view maps, and receive clear navigation instructions. Accurate location displaying is decisive in location-based app development. Distort of routes may include wavy lines instead of straight lines, crossing buildings or water areas in the wrong points, etc. These violations must be technically foreseen, for instance, by using the Fused Location Provider API from Google, and also by specifying how often geodata will be updated.

Location and Data Tracking

With the use of this feature, users of the e-scooter app can locate available e-scooters without physically checking the parking bays. When submitting an app for navigation evaluation, don’t neglect to include a demonstration video of the program’s functionality. In the absence of this video, Apple and Google may reject your application and state that they don’t understand why they should enable it to play sounds and operate in the background.

  • If the application doesn’t meet the needs of the user, there is a risk of his deleting your program sooner or later .
  • Pokémon Go is an example of wild success with almost $800 million in revenue.
  • Idea Usher’s commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and dedication to delivering high-quality products make them an ideal partner for your AR GPS app development journey.
  • There are many programs that are created for people who want to find a friend, partner, etc.
  • However, before creating a powerful geolocation message campaign, it’s vital to make segments for loyal users to come up with personalized offers.

Blippar is an AR GPS app that offers a range of features, including visual search, navigation, and discovery. This can include enterprise solutions for industries like logistics, field services, or asset management. AR GPS apps have the potential to incorporate gamified elements, turning exploration and navigation into interactive and entertaining experiences.

Getting Data

It’s essential to choose revenue-generation strategies that align with your app’s target audience, user experience, and value proposition. A combination of multiple strategies can help diversify revenue streams and optimize monetization opportunities for your AR GPS app. Forge partnerships with relevant service providers, such as transportation companies, tour operators, or travel agencies. By integrating their services into your app or offering referral programs, you can earn commissions or revenue sharing from bookings or transactions made through your app. Providing safety features, such as alerts for dangerous areas, real-time traffic updates, or proximity warnings for potential hazards, ensuring user safety during navigation.

Whereas iOS users make more in-app purchases as compared to Android users. NIX is a team of 3000+ specialists all over the globe delivering software solutions since 1994. We put our expertise and skills at the service of client business to pave their way to the industry leadership. IoT Monitoring System For Logistics IoT monitoring system for GPS tracking of various goods and providing real-time analytics to enable proactive management of every shipment.

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Developers in certain countries or regions may offer lower rates than others, which can impact the overall cost of development. Therefore, you should consider the location of the developers carefully and balance the cost and quality of development services. The foundation of your development project is a team of professional, experienced, and skilled IT specialists who will take care of the technical side of your app. Hiring a large team is unnecessary; a few exceptional experts, such as a UI/UX designer, web and mobile developers (1-3), QA specialists, and a project manager, can suffice. If the business owner lacks technical knowledge, consider hiring a CTO responsible for maintaining and overseeing all technical matters.

Turning ideas into real apps is much easier when you write them on paper. When this is done, you get a better idea of how things will turn out and what else you can add. Moreover, this simplifies the future development process because you can create something like a mindmap. Applications with GPS have recently gained increased popularity.

Add the nice-to-have features

IOS developers use single-style guidelines for Apple devices; this potentially progresses app development faster. Weelorum is a dev agency that raises the bar for development services higher. For us, the question of how to build a navigation app is never a problem due to our expertise and experience gained over the years on the market. This free navigation and GPS app has offline maps, turn-by-turn directions, offline searching, traffic data, and worldwide support.